Pachamama through the lens of Tara Kerzhner and a baby goat.

A little raw uncut action of my send on 'Bachelor Party' just outside of Las Vegas 

Tom Wright put together a nice simple edit of me climbing his incredible 'Spirit of the West' 

Colette McInerney filmed a few of the gems from Switzerland including the second ascent of 'Jungfrau Marathon' 

Tara Reynvaan captures my experience in Catalunya climbing 'Power Inverter' 15a

A short film for Nikon cameras from Keith Ladzinski and the super talented 3 Strings Media team. 

Colette McInerney did this unique film on my battle with 'La Rambla' 15a

Bear Cam once again! Part 2 for Smith Optics on Siurana and Margelef! 9a x2. 

Bear Cam on the direction, writing and filming of this one about my
journey on 'Le Cadre Nouvelle' 9a supported by La Sportiva. 

A nice little piece on Catalunya life and a couple tough ones from the Can Pigui wall, Siurana. Support and sun protection thanks to Smith Optics. 

Celin Serbo shot this little banger about a weekend on Independence Pass and Mark Anderson's awesome route, 'Insurrection' 14b

Bear Cam on the Video and EPICTV on the edit. The Bauch, Switzerland. 

A short video on climbing at Lions Head, Ontario from Deadpoint Mag. 

Some raw video for a change. Livin' Astro 2nd try. 

Bear Cam at it again. This time on one of my all time favorites: Speed Integrale

Bear Cam hooks up a nice one about my process on Biographie via EpicTV 

Another high quality 3 Strings Productions piece from Smith Optics, featuring my first ascent of 'Spectrum' in the Las Vegas area. 

An Athlete Profile from 3 Strings Productions for La Sportiva, featuring some clips from 'Les Specialist' and 'Shadowboxing' in France and Rifle, respectively. 

Arc'Teryx presents the third installment in a series about some of my climbing and traveling from the fall of 2011. This piece features my process working on The Vader Project in the Red River Gorge, KY.

Arc'Teryx presents the second video in a series about some of my climbing and traveling from the summer of 2011, this one features an incredible route at the Hoop in Utah. 

Arc'Teryx presents the first video in a series about some of my climbing and traveling the summer of 2011, this one features climbing in the Bow Valley, Canada. 

Maxim Ropes presents a rad video short of my new route 'Le Rêve' in Nevada. Andy Mann film and edit. 

Maxim Ropes presents footage of 'New World Order' at Little Si, Washington. Andy Mann film and edit. 

Maxim Ropes presentation featuring footage of 'Necessary Evil' and the VRG. Andy Mann film and edit.

Arcteryx presents: 'Twenty Four Karats' at the Red. Keith Ladzinski film and edit. 

Arcteryx presents: 'Pure Imagination' at the Red. Andy Mann film and edit.

LT11 video featuring 'Prime Time to Shine' 14b in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado. 

Greg Garrestson video featuring some clips of me on 'Aggro Monkey' at Smith Rock.