I've worked with a number of extremely talented photographers and videographers over the years, each with their own unique style and vision. Nothing exhibits the potency of a single moment like a well done photograph, and truly it takes a skilled individual to capture an exceptional image or moment in the dynamic conditions we climb in. I derive a lot of inspiration from these professionals work.. check out one of their sites listed below if you have a minute.

Andy just downright loves climbing, and his images reflect his understanding and deep appreciation of the pursuit. Off camera lighting, intimate portraits and unique angles are some of his specialties. Andy can jug a static line like a qualified champion. We have worked together on countless projects, and have been good friends for years.

From a background in skateboard photography, Keith brought the use of off camera lighting to the climbing world proper. His eye for aesthetics is incredible. While he's made a name for himself as a climbing photographer he also works on numerous other interesting 'big money' projects. A hell of a guy too. Have a look at his amazing landscape photography.

Widely recognized as one of the greatest and hardest working climbing photographers, Simon has captured images of practically all the world's best areas and climbing athletes. His work comes to life in his book 'World Climbing'. Look out for the second edition!

With a wealth of incredible work in the North-West, Ben is the go-to photog in this region for climbing, surfing, music and more. A swell guy with a great eye for lifestyle and action.

Calm, calculated and willing to get dirty (or freezing) for images, Andrew is a super nice guy who loves photography. You're likely to find him on some crazy adventure, shooting core athletes in a fresh place.

In his day, Boone was pushing the limits of climbing, so it's only natural that he has a special eye for athletes in their zone. His work is striking, bold and seriously inspirational. Many of my favorite climbing images were taken by Boone.

As the in house photographer for Arc'teryx, Brian has an acute vision for colors, texture and stunning contrast. You can see his work featured throughout Arc'teryx advertising and their website.

Shooting a little bit of everything in and around the Front Range, Celin is especially dynamic, not to mention a core athlete himself. He's been getting into creating more and more unique images recently - check out his new stuff for something different.

The Sigma Our World campaign photographer shoots a variety of sports action, and has a special eye for landscapes.

A Bend local, with a wide range of experience in photography, Tyler has a unique eye for detail and takes killer photos.

A St. George area developer and photographer for quite some time, Jorge has SouthWest Utah on lockdown. His blog has got videos, photos and news from around the Utah zone.

She's a Boulder local with a killer eye for portraits and a lot of experience here and there working with some of the best athletes. Have a look at some of her writing projects too.


The BRC has been my primary training facility for years, not to mention I've been proudly setting routes there since 2007. Friendly staff, excellent routes and a wide variety of climbing terrain makes this Boulder's best climbing gym.  

The Spot has become a one of my top choice gyms for training power and bouldering. With likely the greatest concentration of elite terrain in any gym - it's an incredible resource. 

I've been a proud member of the Access Fund for years. We all use crags.. it's only reasonable to give back through clean up events or donations to organizations like the Access Fund. These people keep our favorite cliffs safe, clean and most importantly; open.

During late 2006 I spent a number of months living in Northern Thailand and traveling Asia. I've since returned for multiple month long trips- The people at CMRCA are the authority on new route development, adventure courses, guiding and training in Northern Thailand. Get your train on at one of the best facilities in Thailand, buy any gear you need and even get a ride to the crag from CMRCA.

A brilliant and extensive database on climbing areas and routes all around the world. User friendly and highly informational. 

Striving to secure access to the Nation's number one sport climbing destination, the RRGCC is comprised of a team of passionate volunteers and is always looking ahead on behalf of the climbing community.