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    How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Rock Climbing Career

    TikTok and rock climbing! Well, the two doesn’t appear to share the same sentence, but the good news is that we are not here for the semantics! You will not be wrong to think that the two are unrelated, because that is the truth. However, for every rock climber reading this, TikTok can be a very powerful resource in growing your career as a rock climber, only if you learn how to use it the right way. Ever since TikTok was launched in 2017, it has become a sensation platform for social media enthusiasts who are eager to share with friends, family and general public short lip-sync, talent and comedy video.

    The popularity of the service has grown in leaps and bounds, and since normal users are also the normal people who buy stuff online and offline stores, bright marketers have now started considering it a marketing method. And though you may wonder what kinds of marketing results you may get from such short videos, when you start thinking about making TikTok compilations and growing your TikTok followers, then the opportunities simply become endless. It is these same marketing principles that rock climbers can use to the benefit of their careers.

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    The power of social media and TikTok in reaching the masses

    In the beginning, nearly every marketing guru dismissed social media as a fad that will soon pass away and something suitable only to the teens. But in less than two decades, social media has become a mainstream marketing channel that every business is striving to have some presence. TikTok is barely three years old, and the numbers speak for themselves. There is no denying that the numbers of users on the platform keep in increasing, and the same principles and benefits marketers get from using the other social media platforms are also applicable in the case of TikTok. The narrative is always to get followers, increase engagement and start getting sales and leads from the followers.

    For example, if you have ever got Twitch followers to grow your account, you can also get free TikTok followers from BoostTikTok.com to grow your TikTok followers. Having said that, how does a rock climber to grow their profession? Read below to find the answers.

    Use TikTok to reach more people fast

    Videos have a way of captivating audiences and getting more attention than images. It is easier for someone to scroll pass an image, but they will take time to watch a video. Besides, the video does not require to read as is always the case with some image. Now, rock climbing is a unique sport with millions of passionate followers, but very participants. Some cannot help but imagine all the things that can go wrong in case of an accident.

    Due to the captivating nature of rock climbing videos, a rock climber can simply start sharing short videos of them doing their thing. Just like with most of the high adrenalin sports, viewers will be captivated by such videos, and they will not just want to see more of such videos, but also they will want to share them with their friends. The result will be that people will start following you so that they don’t miss any of your rock climbing TickTok videos. With a large following, you will have the ability to reach more people fast, after which you can channel them to your YouTube channel, or blog where you can share with them more about your rock climbing journey. This is a step towards stardom!

    Get popular among peers and fans

    What is the joy of being a starling rock climber when people don’t know you? If you can’t be seen, then it means you can’t be found and as such, you can kiss goodbye to becoming famous and reaping great rewards from your rock climbing efforts. However, with brilliant use of TikTok, you can become popular in no time and start commanding the respect of your peers and your fans. The principle is the same as with any other social media platform – you get a higher number of followers and then the followers will be the ones to get push you to popularity.

    You should also be aware that rock climbing video usually have a higher chances of going viral, and by posting such TikTock regularly and increasing the number of followers, there are very good chances that once in a while, you will have your videos go viral, which you can then ride on to increase your popularity. With that, it will be just a matter of time before you start getting invites to perform or compete in more professional setups.

    Teach and inspire people in rock climbing

    There are so many people interested in rock climbing but the only place where they can do it is in their mind. Since it is considered an extreme sport, not so many public facilities are available to those who want to pursue it as a career. Such people are thus left to let the dream die, or travel to faraway places where they will spend a lot of money in search of facilities and coaches. However, when you grow your following using the short TikTok videos, you can become an inspiration to many and start guiding them on how to go about becoming pros in the field. And just like with any other trade, the more you teach about it, the better you become at it.

    The challenge of growing TikTok followers

    Just like with every social media channel, growing TikTok followers is never a walk in the park. You have to be consistent in posting the videos and you must also learn to share quality, fun and interesting videos. You can wait to grow your account naturally, or you can simply get free TikTok Likes and followers from BoostTikTok.com to get the traction you need to get going. When you buy followers, you will create an impression that people like your short videos, and in turn, more people will start following you. In no time, you will have a bigger account, compared to if you choose to go through the slow, tedious and tiring way of growing followers manually.


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    How to Start Your Career in Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is a career for those looking for fitness, fun and a generous dose of adrenalin. This is not a path that the average Joe would follow because it has to be embedded from deep within so that you find the joy of growing and reaching the professional levels.

    If you have been always interested in rock climbing, or you have been inspired by the profiles of rock climbers with millions of followers on Instagram, and you feel motivated to give it a shot, here is a brief on how you can get started with your rock climbing career.

    Find a good guide

    There is more that goes into having a successful career than having the courage and passion to scale rocks and buildings. Just like any other career, it has its guidelines and it is imperative that you find a professional guide that will give you all the guidance and instill the confidence you need to become successful.

    You can start by checking out the rock climbers on Instagram with legions of followers because most of them do offer detailed guides to their followers who might be interested in becoming pros. You can also check out YouTube and the search engines for free, detailed guides on professional rock climbing.

    Hard climb

    Decide on the type of climbing

    There are various types or rock climbing, and though you can master most of them, it is highly recommended that you master just one if you want to become good at it. The most common ones include the following:

    1. Indoor climbing – indoor climbing is one of the most common types of climbing, and where the majority start at. You will find this form of climbing in gyms, public recreational centers, and a few REI stores. With this, artificial foot and handholds with varying difficulty are placed on walls to create rock climbing routes. Since it is indoors, they are readily accessible, relatively safe, and they are a great choice for practicing before you venture outdoors.
    2. Bouldering – with bouldering, you will need some time and gear to get going. Bouldering will take you outdoors where you can traverse rocks and boulders while secured to a rope so that you don’t risk fall accidents. Some of the things you will need to get started with this include climbing shoes, a crash pad, a chalk bag, and a spotter.
    3. Outdoor top rope climbing – with this, a rope is anchored on top of the rock then you start climbing towards the anchor. This is not for the beginners, and it is always the goal for every rock climbing enthusiast before they can consider themselves as pros.

    Get the right gear

    If you are starting your rock climbing career in the gym or the public recreational sites, the necessary gear will always be provided. But once you start venturing outdoors and using experienced spotters, it will be necessary for you to invest in the right kind of gear.

    A look at the professional climbers on Instagram will reveal to you the kind of gears required, and if you are following some of the pros on IG, you will get very nice recommendations on the kinds of gear you need and where to get them. But most importantly, the gears you must have will include-: climbing clothes, climbing shoes, climbing helmet, climbing harness, chalk, carabiners, climbing ropes, belay device, climbing protection and crash pads.

    Pick a good route

    Climbing routes vary based on the level of difficulty. In the United States, the Yosemite Decimal Rating System is used to rate climbing difficulties on the routes. There are easy climbing routes, intermediate climbing routes and hard routes. When you are just starting out and once you are comfortable with indoor rock climbing and you think it is time to venture outdoors, you will most probably start with the easy routes.

    These will help you build the strength and the resilience you need to venture onto the subsequent routes. It is highly advisable that you get a professional instructor at this point. They can be your friends who are already advanced in rock climbing or you can hire a professional coach to help you from this point. You could do it on your own, but it will take time, lower your chances of success and expose you to lots of risks.


    Get Instagram followers

    There is a legion of rock climbing enthusiasts out there, and you should try and connect with them as soon as possible. The best to do this is to start following professional rock climbers on Instagram, and also create your profile so that you can start growing your following. This is necessary because you will not just connect with equally passionate rock climbers like you, but also you will get lots of motivation from your followers who will be intent on seeing you succeed. This will give you the drive to keep on going even if you feel like giving up.