Thursday, June 30

nothing like a good photo

I did a quick interview with climbing magazine about one of my recent new routes in Washington, and Andy Mann submitted this killer photo of the crux section - had to post it. Enjoy!
'New World Order'
After one more day of frenzied packing, moving and some brutal training on plastic, I'm off to climb with seemingly everyone in Wyoming.. it's gonna be a party I think! can't wait to get back on the road.


  1. I see my backpack in the picture!

  2. I read in your recent interview that you were contemplating new route preparation, but hadn't decided where. I stumbled upon this recently and thought I would mention it, The Fortress of Solitude:

    There is a short quote from Kinder, “I saw more potential on that wall than on any other wall in the U.S.,”. Sounded like it was worth checking out.

  3. Anon - Yes indeed, the Fortress. I did a route there last year - very impressive, and certainly high on my list of places to explore. Cheers!


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