Wednesday, July 29

Road Trip Inferno

"Sunshine with record breaking temperatures; extreme heat can be dangerous for outdoor activities" Not quite the weather forecast one might hope for while on a climbing trip.. But here we are, in Washington. It's basically my first time here, and it is definitely beautiful. We checked out an amazing area this morning - Leavenworth. Granite monsters sleep in this nice canyon above an entirely Swiss modeled town. If it were not so damned hot we would be having a ball on sticky boulders right now, but instead we are sipping iced americanos and loathing about the record breaking temperatures in the North West. Gosh dang it!! The forecast calls for continued ball-busting heat until the weekend. Any ideas?!?

God forbid we find ourselves climbing indoors on a climbing trip.. but I'll do it!! In the meantime we will remain here in Leavenworth wasted every hour in the comfort of air conditioning, drooling over the cool temps we experienced just two days ago.

Speaking of drool- Andy Mann donated an awesome shot of me on 'Heart n Cock n Balls' V10 featured below. Idaho is awesome!


  1. jon- it's cool here. going to the humbugs on saturday and it's suppose to be 80. Come on by this way if the weather looks bad elsewhere but I'm leaving in a week for Este. Later-Kurt

  2. Thanks Kurt! the temps are cooling off here so I think we are going to stick around, plus my friend is getting married on Sunday so I've gotta be here for it. I will see you out in Estes then!


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